So, Why the Chamber… You ask?

Max, my amazing, supportive husband and I started talking off and on for about a month about wanting to open a club. Second Life is such a large place and we found ourselves hanging out in some of the same grungy clubs everyday. Both he and I have experience with clubs in our pre-M&m lives and we put our heads together. I believe one of us saw a tumblr page that opened our eyes to what we wanted… Our ideas smashed together and we ended with a hotel room, a rich POST hotel room. In May, we opened with one room, we expanded SEVERAL times and even today we add on what we think the members will enjoy. After all, that’s what we wanted, a mix of people with ideas and smarts, manners and a little (or a lot) of kink.  We craved a charming hangout, a polite roleplay, a place that people actually had sex and were able to freely express themselves, and a place where many people with the same common interests can meet and fulfill their desires with new and interesting people (or the ones you see everyday).

We loved the idea of a secret hotel room, where the hotel owner would throw lavish parties, filled with beautiful, intriguing and sexy people with booze and pheromones all around. We based it loosely on “Eyes Wide Shut” where the masks would signal some good old- fashioned, “no-strings-attached sex”. We also based our original ideas on our own lifestyle where Daddy/babygirl, clothed male and naked female seeped through us. While Max and I are involved in a slightly alternative lifestyle, we are very much open and supportive of other lifestyles and wanted those to be included. This is a process of trying to make the chamber into what both, we as owners, and the members want in a place like the chamber. We think and discuss everyday about ways to give you as members what you deserve while still keeping the original vision alive. We also love your suggestions, so please keep those coming.

This blog, which was suggested through an IM from a gracious lady and member, Sloane. She came to me through a lovely ray of light that knocked away my wall of stress.(mostly :P) A BLOG! A place that we can refer, for updates and rule specifics, a place for the owners and officers to talk about the chamber, the events and the ins and outs. A place… where those that don’t see notices and for those that want a little bit more of what we are all about. We welcome you to read…. this is the not-so-serious and sometimes very serious place to help keep the structure of an AMAZING and ever expanding group and a place that Max and I are so proud to call, [the chamber]. You are the chamber. Our chamber.

Please check in from now on and see what the chamber has to offer. We have, also a very supportive, patient, driven, and fantastic group of officers and soon to be hosts! If you need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us in world or at

Max and I appreciate the support and we will continue to let you guys know how much we LOVE having you as members. Thank you.

~ Mollie

Go bid, bid, BID and get some dates! Weeeeheeee!


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