Room Guidelines

Room Guidelines

The vision of The Chamber Society is to create a deep and erotic atmosphere for roleplay and erotic chat for members. We focus on politeness and manners with a twist. Our members expect intelligent, lively conversation and imagination along with beautiful and detailed surroundings. We are very strict on behavior and appearance so that we keep to the original vision of the society and club. Here are some guides for the use of the club and it’s various settings:

1. The Lobby/Boardwalk/Cafe
The landing point for the chamber. This area is for hanging out, gathering, events and voice chat. The surrounding beach area can be used for cuddling, photo opportunities, hanging out or intimacy. The dress code for this area is casual, but we ask that you teleport in clothed, and adhere to the dress code rules when you teleport up.

2. The Reception (formerly The Chamber Room)
This is the main room and is used for hanging out, and for those primarily using voice chat or for those who do not wish to engage in public conversation. It is also for intimacy.

3. The Lounge/Bath/Bedrooms
This is the main area for roleplay. Like-minded members gather and meet, perhaps wearing a mask to heighten the roleplay. We ask that you please refrain from using voice in these areas as it disrupts the atmosphere and setting for our roleplayers.

4. The Study
An office setting for roleplay and voyeurism. Same guidelines and dress code as The Lounge. This is not a private room and we are always welcome those that like to watch or be watched.

5. The Ballroom
This is our group sex room, and can be used for roleplay or just sex. Voice can also be used here if you wish to be heard doing your erotic sessions, however keep the chit chat to a minimum.

6. The Parlor (Coming Soon)

This room is our discussion room where members are encouraged to engage in lively, intelligent conversations on various topics. This is NOT a stand around and be silent room! Members are expected to participate either in voice or typed chat. As always we ask that you respect each other and each one’s comments and opinions. Rude or derogatory behavior and/or comments or arguing will not be tolerated.

7. Wangs
A nice retreat for voice and text chat with some intimacy.

8. The Presidential Suite
This is a private room that members can “rent” for an allocated time. Once the room is accessed, no other person can access without being invited. Times will be limited to 60, 90, 120 minutes. Once you are finished, you are asked to teleport back to the access point and end your rental.

As in all of our rooms, we highly encourage sex… it’s the main reason for us coming to The Chamber. We ask that all of you respect everyone that comes here.


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