About [the chamber]

A secret sex society themed-hangout in a vintage hotel room. Meet like-minded individuals for erotic chat, sexual encounters, roleplay or to just hang out.

Dark and decadent atmosphere loosely based on the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, where wearing a masquerade mask will let other’s know you want no-strings sex. Seven themed rooms on the Floris sim plus a casual voice/hangout/music venue called Sugar Tits on the Dark Secrets sim. A society catering to its members for an enjoyable, sexy, and mysterious experience.

Alternative sexual lifestyles are welcome with a concentration on the D/s lifestyle, Daddy Dom/Babygirl.

To join the group IM (chat /discussion group), please ask for an invite to [the chamber chat]

A room will be added soon on the Dark Secrets sim for moderated discussions and events for both the members of the chamber and its chat group.

the chamber:


sugar tits:


questions or concerns?

please contact Max or Mollie Butoh in world, chamber officers or email them at chambersociety@yahoo.com

Thank You.


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