Rules and Dresscode

█ [the chamber society]

[the chamber society] is a private access club for members.

Members have full access to the club and can invite non-members in once (see rule 14).

Access the club by touching the teleporter in the back of the lobby to teleport to various areas of the club.
(For further information on the different rooms see room guidelines)

1. No child avatars. Absolutely no age-play of any kind. Anyone caught with this type of behavior will be banned and reported to Linden Labs.If an officer asks you to change your age appearance, please do so at once.

2. TP in clothed. You don’t go to any club in RL completely naked, so show some respect. This isn’t a free sex zone.

3. No escorting. If you are an escort somewhere else please remove any tags that indicate such before landing at [the chamber].

4. No bloodlines and no bite requests.

5. No weapons and no wearing of weapons whether they function as such or not.

6. No use of particle effects or gestures.

7. No heavy scripted items, name tags or face lights.

8. No talking body parts (Xcite! and others).

9. [the chamber] is a human avatar club. We realize that some of you prefer not to be human, i.e. Elves, drows, etc. While full animal/creature avatars will not be allowed anywhere in the club, mostly human avatars wearing elf ears, horns, discreet legs such as faun legs etc, dressed in appropriate clothing, will be taken under individual consideration by the owners and club officers. All decisions by owners and staff will be final.

10. Wearing a masquerade mask signals others that you are open for no-strings sex. (Masquerade mask, Phantom of the opera mask, etc… no hockey or halloween masks)

11. Wednesdays are CMNF (clothed male nude female) or CFNM (clothed female nude male) day. It is highly encouraged by management to be naked, but entirely optional in the RECEPTION room, mandatory in the LOUNGE. (This is the original vision of [the chamber] but we are sensitive to choice and give the option.)

12. Dress appropriately by following the dresscode listed seperately below.
The Lobby/Boardwalk/Cafe area is casual dress.
The Reception, The Lounge, The Study, The Parlor and The Ballroom are dressy.

13. Do not disturb others who are actively involved having sex, do not interfere, do not interrupt. Any attempts to manipulate a couple’s pose ball menu will be grounds for instant ejection and banning from the club.

14. Guests are welcome to be teleported up by a member. The member is responsible for the conduct of the guest. Guests are permitted to tour the club once, after that they need to join in order to access the club.

15. When using voice in the appropriate locations (see room guidelines) it should be used with respect, no shouting and no arguing. If you are debating or having a conversation with one person, do a direct call. No children or babies should be heard in the background when using voice.

16. [the chamber] is a no fly zone and is strictly enforced.
█ [Dress Code]

We are trying to create a decadent and stylish atmosphere, the dress code invokes the feel we are looking for. We want everyone to dress nice in [the chamber] and its rooms. Any disregard for it, you will be given a reminder and asked to change. If you choose not to change, you can go to the boardwalk or cafe.

► Acceptable
Men: Suits, vests or sports jackets, collared shirts or sweaters, dress shoes or clean boots, nice sneakers.
Women: Dresses, skirts, bodysuits, dress pants, lingerie, heels or barefeet.

Nudity is also welcome.

► Not Acceptable
Both genders: Jeans, t-shirts, worn sneakers, bling, baseball caps, ski caps, hoodies.

→ ║ If you don’t think it will be an acceptable dress for [the chamber], then it most likely isn’t. ║ ←
█ [Contact and Post Scriptum]

We have an original vision and we have evolved over time adapting to new members and requests. We try to appeal to a wide variety of interests. Please understand that change takes time and we are doing the best we can to make everyone comfortable and welcome.

Remember, respect is key at [the chamber].

If an officer IMs you with a request to comply with any of these rules or other issues, please do so at once.
Abuse or harrassment of the officers will not be tolerated.

Thank you and we appreciate the support. 🙂
► Please contact:
║ The owners: Max and Mollie (Macbeth) Butoh
║ The officers: Cate (girl) Footman, Rara Destiny, Cecilia Darbyshire, Mad Firecaster, Vinter Tomorrow, Dante Couerblanc, Gwen Couerblanc, McGoo, Angel Horsefly, Skot Kinsella, Val Jorgental.



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